17 Aug 2015

Summer adventures (Part 1)

I haven't been very active on the blog lately, and that's mostly because I have been very active in real life haha. My boyfriend is leaving for Japan at the end of the month so we spent this whole week together as our (almost) last moments together. He took me on surprise dates and they were both very lovely. We went to a butterfly garden and on a boat ride, and I think he couldn't have found more romantic and lovelier activities for the summer time. I took some pictures so I will let you have a look at the lovely things I came accross during these few days.

When a beautiful creature lands on your hand and your BF is not able to take a good picture of it...

This little guy was cute but I caught him chewing my dress D:

Ending the week with a latte and a giant frozen coconut macaron. yummy!

These two activities were perfect to unwind and forget about life, as all you have to do is be quite, go slowly, and watch what surrounds you. I really enjoyed this moments and I hope you enjoyed the pictures too!



  1. great post my dear Andrea, lovely pictures :D xoxo

  2. A butterfly garden sounds so beautiful. There are so many kinds! :]

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    1. Yeeees it was so beautiful! There were so many kinds of butterflies, some were bigger than my hands, some were very colourful, that was very interesting ! :)