6 Aug 2015

3 ways to wear: Dresslink white Kimono

As you might have understood from a previous post, I am doing a little collab with Dresslink, which sent me a few items for me to review, and I thought I could show you 3 ways I like to wear this kimono, which I have been wearing basically all the time since I got it!

Outfit n°1: The babydoll

This kimono is very feminine and doll-like, and I thought that for this first outfit, I would go all out and pair it with other very girly and feminine items. I think it compliments this babydoll dress very well, as they have a similar cut. I added these mint green heels and sheer socks for extra cuteness and to give a little bit of vintage to the outfit - and because obviously, I had to add my touch of pastels.

Dress and heels: Yesstyle

Outfit n°2: The softener

As it is so delicate, the second thing this kimono can do is soften any tougher fabric or design, such as denim or a geometrical pattern. The light fabric and the dainty details of this piece really transform the outfit, making it softer and more personal in my case.

Crop top: Newlook
High waisted jeans: Forever 21
Heels: Yesstyle

Outfit n°3: Mermaiding

And the third use of this kimono I wanted to share with you is the beach cover-up. It is actually the very first use I planned for it when I saw it, as I was looking for something cute and delicate to cover myself a little bit at the beach this summer. I actually paired it with a Dresslink swimsuit, and I think that they look perfect together, they create a slightly vintage look and make me feel like a mermaid.

What I really like about this bikini is that you can wear the bottom in two different ways: you can wear it down and then it looks like a little skirt and shows a little bit of your belly, or you can wear it up and very high-waisted if you prefer. The top also comes with removable pads if you want some extra volume, I am not wearing them and don't plan to do so, for obvious reasons.

So, overall, I think this kimono is such a versatile piece, I could wear it with a hundred other outfits. The quality is really nice and I love its pretty crochet detailing. I think the sheer material is super pretty, as it shows the bikini or a little bit of arm through the sleeves.

Which outfit was your favourite one? How would you wear it?

By the way, I wanted to inform you that I plan to change my blog address to thepetiteandrea.blogspot.fr, and I just wanted to warn you before it happens so that you don't get lost hahaha I should do it by the time I do my next post, which should arrive in a few days, so stay tuned!



  1. You look beautiful, loving the outfits, you have a great style! Bisous!

  2. Wow this is amazing! Your style is so on point! My favorite is the crop top and denim look! #legsfordays! :) xo~ Lena

    1. Aw thanks, I am glad you like it ! :) xo

  3. Love the crop top and jean look! I hope the kimono trend is here to stay! Thanks for sharing!