29 Jul 2015

Hate/love tag

So I was tagged by the lovely Nicole from Nicole's notebook to do the love/hate tag. She is super sweet and has a blog about food, beauty, travels and lots of other things, so check it out! :)

The rules

It's easy: List 10 things so hate, and 10 things you love, and finally, tag 10 persons to do the same!

24 Jul 2015

I could be wearing pajamas

Hi guys! I think you might be curious about my title, so I will explain it right now: I am a fourth year student at university, I study translation (yes, it is a thing) and since I finished my school year in April, I have been teleworking for an internship. So, I have been translating a website and childrenbooks at home for the last months. And when I tell people about what I am doing, the first thing they say is usually: "Oh, so you can work in pajamas!" Yes, I could, but I don't.

20 Jul 2015

The world is my playground

Hi guys ! It's been a while since I made an outfit post so here you go! This is what I wore to a family gathering yesterday. I didn't question myself very long about what to wear, as this overall dress has been my go to clothing piece as of late.

16 Jul 2015

Dresslink wishlist

I discovered Dresslink.com a few months ago already, and I have been addicted to it since then. They offer great items for such affordable prices. It is like heaven for shopping addicts with a small budget, and that's why I have been shopping so much with them. Lately, I have found some items that I have been dying to get, so let me introduce them to you!

1. White kimono

8 Jul 2015

June favourites

They are coming a little bit late this time, but here are my favourite fashion and beauty items from last month!

2 Jul 2015

Korean beauty haul

As a huge fan of Korean beauty products, let me introduce you to my new babies! I haven't been using these for long, but still long enough to give you my first impressions about them.