25 Aug 2015

Summer adventures (Part 2)

I had the oportunity to go on vacation this summer, so I spent one week on the French West coast with my mum. This small break was very soothing for my mind, soul and body at the same time, as  it was one of those moments when time and space don't exist. I eat when I'm hungry, sleep when I am tired, go out when I want some fresh air, walk barefoot in the sand, swim in the ocean, and the rest doesn't matter. I also got to spend some quality time with my beloved mum, which I always enjoy a lot. Now I feel more prepared for another (fifth!) year at university, even if I still have some time to spend at home before I go back. I think I've talked anough already, so I will let you have a look at some shots I took while I was there.

17 Aug 2015

Summer adventures (Part 1)

I haven't been very active on the blog lately, and that's mostly because I have been very active in real life haha. My boyfriend is leaving for Japan at the end of the month so we spent this whole week together as our (almost) last moments together. He took me on surprise dates and they were both very lovely. We went to a butterfly garden and on a boat ride, and I think he couldn't have found more romantic and lovelier activities for the summer time. I took some pictures so I will let you have a look at the lovely things I came accross during these few days.

6 Aug 2015

3 ways to wear: Dresslink white Kimono

As you might have understood from a previous post, I am doing a little collab with Dresslink, which sent me a few items for me to review, and I thought I could show you 3 ways I like to wear this kimono, which I have been wearing basically all the time since I got it!

29 Jul 2015

Hate/love tag

So I was tagged by the lovely Nicole from Nicole's notebook to do the love/hate tag. She is super sweet and has a blog about food, beauty, travels and lots of other things, so check it out! :)

The rules

It's easy: List 10 things so hate, and 10 things you love, and finally, tag 10 persons to do the same!

24 Jul 2015

I could be wearing pajamas

Hi guys! I think you might be curious about my title, so I will explain it right now: I am a fourth year student at university, I study translation (yes, it is a thing) and since I finished my school year in April, I have been teleworking for an internship. So, I have been translating a website and childrenbooks at home for the last months. And when I tell people about what I am doing, the first thing they say is usually: "Oh, so you can work in pajamas!" Yes, I could, but I don't.