16 Jun 2015

Why not mustard?

Do you know these kind of days, when you have a ton of things to do at the same time and you have to run from a place to another? Well, today was this kind of day for me.

Run errands, go and work at the library, handing files at university, run errands, run errands. This is why I chose to be comfortable, but without neglecting style, of course.
As I knew I would have to walk (and run) a lot, I decided to take a break from heels with my adorable kitty platform ballerinas. They feel like slippers and they are so lovely, for obvious reasons (KITTIES).
Even if I dared to wear these mustard shorts that are far away from my usual colours, you can still distinguish some of my signature details: lace, cute little collar. The top is an important piece of the outfit: it is sleeveless and the fabric is soooo soft, which makes it very nice to wear on this kind of hot and busy days.
The shorts are definitely a statement piece, I am going out of my comfort zone with them, but I have been wanting to try mustard things, so... why not?
As for my hair, I have to admit that I feel quite happy and proud, because I litteraly woke up like this! hehehe

Top: Newlook
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Ebay
Bag: Yesstyle
Sunnies: Primark