1 Jun 2015

May Favourites

Here is the first edition of my monthly favourites. I had a hard time selecting a reasonably small amount of products to show you, so believe that these ones are items that I've really loved withing the past month! (and that I still love) 

1. Yesstyle pastel green heels

I have been wearing these a ton lately, and I can't help pairing them with sheer/lace socks, because it is just so cute and directly add some of my identity to any outfit. These heels are about ten centimers high, and as they are quite wide, the shoes are really easy to walk in and very comfortable. I fell in love with the green colour, because it is so pretty and original, I mean... who wears green shoes, anyway?

2. Forever 21 gingham top

Well, I love any top with a cute collar, and this one really grabbed my attention with its pretty pattern and its lovely cut. As you can see it is sleeveless, quite boxy and cropped, which I find very pretty and it makes it easy to pair with all of my high-waisted bottoms.

3. Ladykin Vanpir Dark repair cream

I loooove Korean cosmetics. And I was not disappointed with this Ladykin mosturizing cream. It is very thick, so I use it at night time, and it also gives it more time to repair the skin during your sleep. I was gifted with dry, sensitive, acne prone skin, so believe that it is hard for me to find products that suit my skin. But this cream does a great job at repairing my damaged skin and erasing scars (I use it along with a whitening serum from It's Skin). And it smells lovely!

4. Essence Coverstick concealer

Essence is a German brand that I discovered last year when I was living in Germany. It kind of followed me and started to be sold in France just when I came back home. It sells quite good quality products for affordable prices, and this concealer is no exception. It is my favourite product from the brand so far. It has the design of a lipstick and a thick and creamy consistency. It has a really good coverage, I mean, I was really impressed. I also own a NYX concealer wand, and let me tell you that my Essence concealer has a better coverage. Although it cost me less than 3€ hehehe.

5. Forever 21 moon & star necklace

I love moons. I think the design of this necklace is unique and extremely pretty. It is very dainty and elegant. I have been wearing it non stop with tons of different outfits, and it always make a statement.