8 Jul 2015

June favourites

They are coming a little bit late this time, but here are my favourite fashion and beauty items from last month!

Last mont, I experienced some skin troubles that lead my skin to be extremely dry, irritaded and flaky. So I went for a minimal skincare for some time, and I want to introduce you to two of the products that saved my skin. First of, I will start with the Cicalfate repair cream from Avène. This cream has a very thick and creamy consistency, which brings a lot of moisture to the skin and does help it to repair faster. I like to use a thin layer of it on my face, or a thicker layer on local areas that need extra care. Lately, I have been using it twice a day, and it really did wonders to my damaged skin. It is non-comedogenic and contains no perfume, so there are no risks of making your skin condition worse. Definitely a holy grail product for me!

The second product I want to talk about is this organic pink clay mask from the brand Lovea Nature. Pink clay helps detoxifying and soothing sensitive skin, and as opposed to green clay, it does not absorb oil from the skin, so it is very suitable for dry skins as well. This is exactly what my skin needed a few weeks ago and it did help soothing the irritation and repairing the skin. I will definitely keep using pink clay masks regularly to keep my skin healthier!

It actually looks orange on my skin. Hehehe. I iz sexy.

Let's move on to the fashion items. And please, let's take a moment to admire this awesome bag. I think it is the most perfect bag I own at the moment. I mean, it's a mint green and white satchel bag with a bow. I got it from Wish.com and when I saw it, it just screamed my name. It is quite small, but I was impressed by how many stuff it can contain. It is actually the perfect size because it prevents me from taking useless things with me hahaha. I have been wearing it a ton lately, as I wear a lot of white and pastels, it is easy to pair with a lot of pieces from my wardrobe.

And finally, I want to show you my H&M white lace flats. I am not a flats kind of girl, but I have to admit that these little guys have been so convenient lately to just slip in them and leave the house to run some errands, and it also feels good to let my feet rest a little bit.. They are sooo comfy that it feels like I am going out in my slippers hahaha. And the white lace design matches my style perfectly so I am happy about them.

Est-ce qu'il y a des francophones qui me lisent et qui souhaiteraient que je poste en français? :)


  1. The bag is so cute! Great choices! ^_^


  2. Great items, especially the bag, the bow is super adorable! :) xo~ Lena

  3. fantastic items my dear, love the bag :D xoxo

    1. Thanks, lovely! Everybody seems to have a crush on this bag haha :) xo


  4. nice post..love the bag and shoes :)